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High Risk Surgical and Medical Patients

Our surgeons are skilled in surgical techniques that provide kidney transplants to patients who have problematic vasculature due to calcification and living donors with multiple arteries or other conditions. UI Health’s kidney transplant surgeons are proficient in finding solutions for complex patients. During the evaluation period, if there are medical or surgical barriers identified, we will work with other specialists in order to find a way to enhance the candidacy of the patient.

UI Health has experience in transplanting patients with infectious diseases such as hepatitis C and HIV. Our nephrologists work closely with infectious disease experts to make kidney transplantation not only possible, but successful. In many instances, these high risk patients would not be transplant candidates in other transplant centers. Our transplant program prides itself on research and innovative techniques that can make kidney transplant an option to as many patients as possible.

As our general population ages, so do candidates for kidney transplantation. With this, frailty is becoming an increasing concern. UI Health offers a Muscle Therapy program designed for potential transplant candidates who are on dialysis. We recognize that patients on dialysis have a difficult time exercising due to many factors including disease states and fatigue. This program is specifically tailored for dialysis patients to decrease frailty that can subsequently make a stronger, better transplant candidate.