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Living Donor

UI Health is one of the most established kidney transplant centers in the Chicagoland area. It also has one of the largest living donor programs. Our center encourages a recipient with a living donor to present at the time of your first appointment or anytime thereafter, even after a recipient has been listed. Our living donor program has dedicated nurses that serve living donors. Our team makes the goal of completing work-up and testing for both the recipient and donor attainable in 6-weeks or less.




Kidney transplant recipient


We also specialize in providing options for ABO incompatible pairs, including Eculizumab, intravenous immune globulin (IVIg) and plasmapheresis.

UI Health has also been a leader in providing options of “swaps” for ABO incompatible pairs.  This means if a healthy donor is identified for a recipient, but the pair is ABO incompatible, that donor may be given the option to donate their kidney to another matched recipient.

Robotic surgical techniques are available for donors as well as recipients.

If you are someone who has a donor, all options will be discussed at the time of your evaluation.