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If you are interested in referring yourself for an evaluation, please contact us via email: (Hablamos espanol) or phone: 312-996-6771.

Cancer screenings appropriate to your age and gender are always needed to complete the work up process for a transplant.  These records usually include results from mammograms, colonoscopies, and pap smears.  We encourage you to begin to obtain these records when you show interest for transplant as an effort to expedite the work up process.

Please know that in most cases your initial appointment will take several hours.  You will meet with our team which includes a social worker, transplant pharmacist, transplant nephrologist, surgeon, transplant nurse coordinator and a transplant dietician.

Your nurse coordinator will be responsible for coordinating all of your testing, and will be your primary contact during your work up. Following your initial evaluation day, you will receive a list of other appointments that need to completed to finish your evaluation. After evaluation has been completed, your case will be presented at a multidisciplinary meeting and a decision to place you on the kidney transplant list will be made.

If you are a candidate to be listed, you will receive a listing letter in the mail.
Please know that if you are on dialysis, your wait time on the list will begin the day you started dialysis.
If you are not on dialysis, your wait time will begin the day you were listed for a kidney.
UI Health’s wait time is similar to other centers in the Chicagoland area, which is 5-7 years long

Once transplanted, we will collaborate with your referring nephrologist to optimize your post transplant care.